Monday, February 23, 2009

should I come or should I go?

Not sure whether to give up. It has been fun, though tiring. But we've not much left.

Monday, February 02, 2009

God's bus advert

Manure and diamonds

Too often church appears to me to be about wading through the manure looking for diamonds. And finding there is a large amount of manure and not many diamonds.

Yet it is good to find diamonds. Yesterday about the only person at the church who makes me want to stay admitted he was struggling with prayer. What he actually said was that he wasn't convinced of the value of prayer, but continued anyway. I was a humbled by someone who could admit something so apparently fundamental yet also felt he would continue fighting to keep doing it.

Later we had a fun conversation with someone who works as the city archivist - it was really funny to see the sparkle in his eye as he told us some details of some long-forgotten local fact. I'm really attracted to people of passion.

And I guess this is the root of my problem with church (and Church in general) - often the people are nice, warm, well meaning and generous. They are sometimes also passionate. But we seem to inhabit a space where the creativity is beaten out of them, where radical ideas are superseded by limp acceptance of ever more worship services.

Church just isn't supposed to be like this.