Monday, March 16, 2009

have blog, need money

Suddenly need some money to do something. My skills include blogging, twitter, css and html writing, basic php, wordpress etc.

Or in English, I can make and maintain a blog, write a website etc.


Monday, March 09, 2009

relationship with God

I was having a discussion on Saturday about the phrase 'the most important thing in my life is my relationship with God' and why I am unsure that it is really very helpful. It is a hard thing to talk about given that my worldview is coloured by a particular background - but generally I hold to most parts of my fairly orthodox evangelical Christian theology (so cannot really be described as a liberal). My issue is mostly that we've missed the point with church.

We have made the issue all about Jesus and Me - but mostly about me. I am continually and increasingly concerned how little we actually believe the gospels actually apply to us. I see no indication that this syrupy emotional stuff is desirable for the Christ-follower in the gospels. Indeed, when Jesus meets those we reject (those with doubts, the sick, the unworthy, the prostitute, the smelly) he exhibits generosity yet when he meets people who are more like us (ie members of the religious aristocracy) he is particularly harsh. Rather than encouraging people like us, he points the finger, calls names, says we're shallow, without faith, hypocrites and like snakes.

Of course, there are times when everyone is feeling particularly broken and needs to know the warmth of a loving God. Indeed, there are some who have missed out on much in this life and really really need a touch of grace.

But we really need to get over the implication that God is Michael Jackson and is primarily interested in our adulation and syrupy indulgences. The Christian is not to mouth the Lord's Prayer but live it. Each day I should be asking whether I am for the Kingdom of justice and peace or against it. Each day I should be asking for forgiveness of those around me as I have been forgiven and blessed. If I claim to 'love the Lord' I should be living the things he said: reaching out to those in prison, healing the sick, visiting the helpless. If I am not doing those things, I should not claim to have anything to do with him.

God is not primarily interested in your emotional wellbeing. Get over yourself.