Wednesday, August 16, 2006



In case you don't know, my name is Joe. I am married to Heather and have a 5 year old called Bethany. We live in Coventry in the English West Midlands, where people eat proper food like faggots and pork scratchings.

We're founders of the Freedom Clothing Project - a clothing company using producers in the West Bank.

We're involved in the Generous project which is a collective effort by a bunch of people to try to make our lives a whole lot more sustainable. Over the years we've made some pretty major changes to our lifestyle.

One of my friends is called Karin, she has a fine blog here and a growing website here. Karin often watches my back and looks out for my blog even when there is nothing to see.

We've just taken on an allotment which is pretty scary as it is in a very run-down and underused site.


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