Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a place for silence

The other day, I had some time spare in Coventry city centre, and so thought I'd spend it in prayer and reflection.

Image from laalessi's flickr page.

My first stop was Coventry Cathedral, and in particular the Gethsemane chapel shown here. After a few moments of quiet, I was interrupted by loud chattering and soon after that the organist practicing for later services.

So, I moved to the Cathedral ruins next door. I really like the ruins, in some ways far more than the modern cathedral with its' overpowering architecture. However, on that day the ruins were filled with local school children on a trip learning about local religious buildings.

Photo from Mr Radio's flickr page.

So, in the end I went into Holy Trinity church and spent some time in the tiny Lady chapel there.

There is no point to this story.

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