Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Palestine is not Apartheid...

Said Moshe Machover, the Israeli academic and dissident, founder of the Israeli Socialist organisation Matzpen in a lecture as part of the Coventry Peace Month last night.

"No," he continued "it is something far worse than that."

According to Professor Machover's analysis, the blacks and coloured people of South Africa had a great advantage over the Palestinian Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza. In South Africa, the white elite literally built their state on the back of the indigenous people. They required the great resources of labour in order to do all the back-breaking, dangerous, dirty and low paid work that the far less numerous whites could or would not do.

In Israel/Palestine, the Israeli Hebrew settlers simply want the indigenous Palestinian Arabs out of the way. Israel is in no way dependent on Palestinians for anything - and has recently been bringing in cheap labour from around the world to do various dirty jobs in the country. In contrast, the Palestinian economy is almost totally dependent on Israeli money.

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