Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pumpkin Sunday

Last Sunday was Pumpkin Sunday. In a deliberate act of family-tradition building, we have for the last few years bought a pumpkin to eat. I know that sounds ridiculous, but possibly less ridiculous than all the pumpkins which are sold at this time of year and not eaten.

Anyway, cooking a pumpkin requires a long slow boil to reduce it to pulp which can then be used to make a variety of things. We usually make various soups and pies, and I am hoping also going to attempt a kind of treacle pudding.

Usually, the skin is entirely chopped up. However, Bethany was feeling creative and wanted to create a pumpkin lantern, so I scooped out most of the flesh with an icecream scoop. Again, this probably sounds obvious and pathetic, but bear in mind we have never ever been involved in any kind of halloween pumpkin activities.

We decided to make a happy face and set it with a candle on the dinner table. Bethany tried wearing it as a mask, which was quite entertaining for a few minutes.


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