Wednesday, November 08, 2006


There are several games one can play when really bored and/or avoiding work.

One is unofficially called kamakase posting. First, you find a well-used blog, possibly from a national newspaper. You then make a comment and wait until someone calls you a Nazi. Unfortunately, there tends to be some delay between the initial post and invoking Godwin's law, at which point you have to reply to the person who is inevitably going to call you a Nazi. Well you don't have to, but invariably you do as the other poster writes all kinds of garbage about you. It is quite addictive, but I am sure very annoying for the blog owner.

A calmer and less exciting activity is bloghunting. Here, you visit your favourite blog. You click on a link shown in that blog, and repeat until you find a gold blog nugget.

Like this for example. There is something very satisfying about a blog that tells you a) yesterday there were no murders in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka state in India. and b) Mr Saliu Lorenzo, an Italian, was found to have overstayed his visa and was arrested in his tent in the forest.

There is also an intriguing report for 4 November 2006:

A case of Outraging the modesty of woman along with Criminal intimidation has been registered in Panambur Police Station on the complaint of one Fathima Zohara (32) w/o Mohammed Nooruddin R/o Seebha complex Jokatte Mangalore Taluk. The alleged incident has occurred in between 02/11/2006 at 0200 hrs and 03/11/2006 at 1500 hrs where in accused Siddiq and his brothers Shareef and Hasanabba came to the house of Fathima Zohara abused her and her husband Mohammed Nooruddin in filthy language and outraged the modesty of her by pulling her hand and also gave life threat to them owing to trivial issue.

Which I guess shows the difference in cultures.


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