Tuesday, February 20, 2007

body shape

I was listening earlier to a talkshow about body shape. One caller was a fitness instructor. When asked whether there was anything she would change about her body, she immediately started talking about breast implants. Apparently it wasn't a major issue for her, but y'know if she had the money....



Blogger jeannette said...

sorry, this has nothing to do with body shapes..but I could not figure out how to email you directly...I am very impressed with your website and work. I am working on starting a fair trade skirt comany in Egypt and would love to hear more about how you got started. You read my friend Stina's blog that is how I found out about you.If you come to Cairo again I would love to meet up.
Also check out my brother's blog, he lives in Gaza:
Jeannette Rizk
my email: jfrizk@gmail.com

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