Friday, May 04, 2007

eat pie

Typically, given what I said yesterday, there is an article in the free paper about a kerbside recycling collection. The council is going to be trialling a scheme in 21,500 houses, out of a total of more than 120,000+ across the city.

Quite what there is to trial when virtually every other council in the country has a recycling collection is beyond my understanding. The paper says

The council refused to do business with any contractor offering to export the waste to Asia - because of environmental concerns and labour exploitation. At the moment there is no UK-based outlet for PET plastic bottles available - such as plastic used for soft drinks bottles and water bottles. But if one can be found, the council has pledged this material will also be collected. The council hopes a new processing plant to handle PET and other plastics will soon be established in the West Midlands.

So are they seriously telling me that every council in the country which is collecting PET is sending it to China? Why does that sound highly unlikely? It is suspected that the council will attempt to do a really bad job so they can claim that a recycling collection is inefficient and not worth the effort.



Blogger Karin said...

Oh well Joe, that sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Hope you've got some tasty sauce to go with your humble pie. ;)

Our council spent a long time trialling kerbside collections - it seemed to be for the rich people round the corner, but not for less prestigious roads like our own, for years. Then a few years ago they decided to take our newspapers and jars, too, and now they take plastic bottles, but I don't know what happens to them all, or why they don't ask for plastic with the right number on instead and take yoghurt pots and the like.

When we were in Southern Germany about 8 years ago we had to sort everything that could possibly be recycled and take to the waste depot over the road. I suppose we were too close to have it collected, and we were staying in student accommodation.

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