Friday, April 20, 2007

Parish News

Here is the news:

  • We're going to get a curate. Only two parishes in Coventry get one and we were number six on the list. No, I don't understand it either.
  • I'm going to be on the PCC. I told them I was not sure this was a good idea, and as a result they decided not to elect me at the AGM (which one would think would be the most sensible way to do it, given that it was only last week and they asked me ages ago - but no, that would be a bit too obvious) and I'm going to be co-opted later. I think that means that everyone knows I've been brought onto it under duress.
  • At the AGM it appears that everyone is completely knackered, having spent about a year raising money for a new boiler that subsequently only needed to be turned on about twice. It seems that there is likely to be more activity this year given the increase in attendees at services, but there could be a bit of a problem with having enough pairs of hands (see 'knackered' comment above).
  • We found a bit of money knocking about behind the sofa for youthwork. Now we just need to find some youth to work on. I'm also going to be on the youth subcommittee. So. Looks like we'll be having some subsidised trips to the icehockey...

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Blogger Karin said...

We have a curate, but we need a vicar. Ours has scarpered off to Cheltenham so he's handy for Greenbelt - at least he's got his priorities right, I suppose.

I wonder if people feel more tired when they don't have enough positive input and of course if they've been slogging away at the same thing for a long time. Does the church need a morale boost? Harder question to answer, how do you give members of the church a morale boost? Of course it could be the vicar needs a break and a boost to his morale in order to pep things up in the church.

Most people at our housegroup knock back several glasses of red wine during the evening, which I don't because I don't like red wine and I'm one of the few who drives there - most are very local but it involves going up and down two steep hills each way for me. Anyway, house group is a fairly relaxed and jolly affair on the whole as a result.

Our church is a bit short on youth, too. The vicar has taken half the Sunday school with him - 3 of his 4 sons were old enough - and they were the most regular attendees.

Trouble is, a church that attracts youth would probably scare away the oldies and quite a few not so oldies, too. How do you cater for both at once?

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