Tuesday, June 26, 2007

on hope

Hope is a curious thing. Whilst it is possible to feel hope (or hopeless) about a given situation, hope is more than just a feeling. Sometimes it is possible to be floundering about in the dark - holding onto the hope that something is happening even though you are not entirely sure you really believe it.

I think hope needs to be an active thing - I don't really buy that you're doing much hoping that your car will start when you turn the key. Mostly we don't think about that kind of thing - we just expect things to work and are a bit surprised when they don't.

You might 'hope' there is a space when you need to park the car, but this is rarely more than slightly urgent as is usually a very temporary feeling.

No, hope that things can get better is something that grips you from the insides, something that when everything else is lost you still have. When that kind of hope is truly lost, all is lost.



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