Friday, June 01, 2007

half term

It has been half-term this week and B has been having a bit of a holiday with the Grandparents.

Our computer died, but we fixed it by buying some new bits.

We ate some broad beans from the allotment, which is overrun with weeds following the recent rains.

We've been sorting out T-shirts for the Enough! rally in London, 9 June.

We went ten-pin bowling. I got a strike and a couple of spares with my first few goes, then it went disasterously downhill from then onwards.

We went out for dinner with some friends and spent a long time talking about their historical reenactment society. I like being around people who are passionate about something, even if it is completely mad.

Our council started the trial for its plastic recycling scheme, but it seems unlikely that it will be effective.

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