Sunday, December 23, 2007

TIRTA 9: The Little Things

At the end of last week, we completely killed our business website to such an extent that there was nothing to be seen. After several days of working to 1am, we finally were able to get it back to a near-normal state. Fortunately it is christmas so nobody is really paying much attention to it anyway.

Basically what happened was that we'd upgraded the software that makes it work and that had completely messed it up, and we had to do a long and complicated gymnastics manoeuvre to get it back.

Most of the problem was caused by a very small file which you wouldn't even notice unless you knew it was there and what it did.

The biblical prophet Zechariah - who is usually only heard of at this time of the year if at all (yes I know, different man. Never mind) - said something which is sometimes translated "Do not despise the day of small things'.

Little things are sometimes very important. Sometimes we lack the perspective to notice what things are really important, dull, irrelevant etc when we are actually living them.

So, this year I'll be listening out for the unnoticed and ignored little things about Christmas. Happy holidays to you.

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