Wednesday, November 15, 2006

inspiration in blogland

I've learnt quite a few thing in my adventures in blogland over the last few days. One story I heard went something like this:

The parents of a little girl were contacted by her school. They were very disappointed by her behaviour and insisted that she they all visit a child psychologist. So the parents glumly went to visit the specialist and spent some time discussing her problems at school, her lack of finishing homework, her inability to pay attention.

After a while, the doctor came around the table and told the little girl he was going to speak to her parents in another room. She was to sit for a little while by herself - and as he left, the specialist turned on a small radio he had on his desk.

When they had left the room, the specialist quietly told the parents to look around and watch the girl. She had got down from the desk and was moving to the music.

The specialist told the parents 'Your daughter is not sick - she's a DANCER'. Fortunately the parents took the advice, the girl went to dance school, ballet school and the Royal Ballet. She became one of the world's greatest choreographers - Gillian Lynne CBE.

Now the serious question is whether this would happen today or whether the child would be diagnosed with ADHD and given medication to calm down.

Hattip: someone's blog which I forgot to keep the link (please tell me if it is you).
See also Sir Ken Robinson's talk at the TEDtalks website.

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Thanks for your comment Joe, and good luck on your adventures in blogland!

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