Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the truth isnt sexy parliamentary launch

The Truth Isn't Sexy campaign will soon be having a parliamentary launch with support of politicians from various political parties, the police and agencies working with Trafficked people.

I just want to reiterate here the point of the campaign, what we are doing, what we are not doing and why.

Basically, in this anniversary year of abolition, various groups have focussed on modern slavery. These include Amnesty International, Anti-slavery international, CASTE, Save the Children, the Anti-Trafficking Alliance, the Salvation Army, Worldvision/ECPAT, Womens Aid and the Stop the Traffik coalition.

Each of these groups has their own agenda and their own ways of working.

The Truth Isn't Sexy campaign is run by a very small group of volunteers. We are not a formal charity or associated with any other group, we are not trying to compete with anyone else nor trying to suggest that we have massive amounts of knowledge on the subject.

We are campaigning on the issue of trafficked people being forced into the UK sex industry. We believe the best way to tackle this issue is to inform those who are most likely to come into contact with trafficked people in the UK sex industry - ie those who use prostitutes, which some say amounts to up to 10% of the male population. We have produced some beermats which we hope will challenge those who pay for sex to think about whether the prostitute is actually a willing participant or an enforced worker. These are being spread around the student unions at universities and other venues.

It has already become apparent to others that we have no policy regarding prostitution. We neither vocally support the rights of women to chose a career in the sex industry nor condemn those involved. That is not because as individuals we do not have opinions on the subject, but because we believe it is not relevant to this campaign.

The relevance being that we want to make a difference to the trafficked people involved in prostitution rather than become involved in a wider debate about sex.

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