Friday, May 11, 2007

Torture of Palestinian prisoners in Israel

B'tselem recently released a report about human rights abuses in Israeli jails. Based on interviews of 73 ex-prisoners in the West Bank, B'tselem conclude:

These measures are defined as torture under international law. Their use is not negligible, even if not routine. The HCJ did rule that ISA interrogators who abused interrogees in "ticking bomb" situations may be exempted from criminal liability, but this only when the ill-treatment was used as a spontaneous response by an individual interrogator to an unexpected occurrence. In practice, all evidence points to the fact that "special" methods are preauthorized and are used according a preset regulations.

It is interesting to note the Israeli response to the report in the media.

The Israeli Justice Department is reported to have labelled the report as 'full of inaccuracies' and 'does not include the full details of witnesses so the allegations can be investigated' and that the sample has been 'tendentiously selected in a way that distorts reality'.

Of course, Palestinian ex-prisoners are highly likely to travel to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to report abuses suffered by them during incarceration.

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