Wednesday, November 15, 2006

dark days

Here are a few recent quotations about the current situation in the West Bank and Gaza.

"I can understand Israelis concern about security. That's a valid concern for anyone, even though there have been very few incidents that truly threaten their security. But when you take a wall that separates families, that keeps people from their land, that causes immense hardship, that is overkill and there is no justification for that wall," said Bishop Louis Hunter of the AME Zion Church.
from the United Methodist Church press release, 14 November

Hyat lost 4 sons and is left with a son who has learning difficulties. "He is al barakeh" (blessed) she said," that is why God protected him and kept him alive."
Hyat also took me through the house, saddened by the sight of her destroyed refrigerator and putting her hand to reach the spoiled flour she said "this was part of our mouneh (our food reserves), nothing is usable. We have no house. How to continue with life," she wondered with dry eyes looking to heaven.

from Oxfam UK. This blog is extremely difficult to read and I have found it very difficult to find a bit to quote here.

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