Monday, November 20, 2006

snippets from the weekend

On Saturday we saw an old person in one of those electric buggy things tanking it down the middle of the road and almost knocking someone over on a pedestrian crossing. He/she didn't bother to stop even though the pedestrian was already in the road.

Can you be too old to receive an ASBO?

On Sunday we thought we would collect some leaves to make leaf mulch for our allotment. There is quite a build-up of leaves in our churchyard, so we thought it'd be nice to do some tidying. Well, that is what we would have said if anyone asked.

We took along a couple of bin-bags, thinking that this would take a fair amount of filling. Five minutes later the bags were filled and there was no noticable difference in the ground level leaf situation. I would guess that at least twenty bags would be needed to clear all of the leaves.

So much for a win-win situation. Also we felt guilty in case the leaves were needed for the perfect autumn backdrop for their church wedding. So we swept some of the leaves back over where we had been.


Blogger Karin said...

Then again you could have asked up front. It could well be the church would be delighted if you relieved them of some of their leaves. Alternatively you can take some from our front garden. ;D

10:42 AM  

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