Thursday, July 31, 2008

too educated for hierarchical structures?

I wonder if there is a progression of believing depending on how educated you and your culture is. Ancient cultures often have very well defined hierarchical structures which dominate life. It is said that children develop best in a well structured environment.

So I wonder if my dissatisfaction with institutional religion is a combination of being taught (and strong belief) in democracy and the importance of self-thought and self-action and living in a culture where the usefulness of most hierarchical structures have been demolished. Does that even make any sense?

In most periods of history, presumably democracy would not have been much use as most people would not have known how to exercise their rights. Maybe there is no point in telling a woman she has the right to make her own life choices when her only experience is within a rigid hierarchical society where she has few apparent choices to make.

As we're educated, we appreciate how many other options there are and how many other things we could be doing. With reference to religion, I don't really want to be told how to behave or how to think - presumably as I've been taught to argue and consider the merits of a case rather than accept someone's word for it.

OK, I'm boring myself now.



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