Sunday, September 07, 2008

10 reasons why having a vasectomy is better than the visiting the dentist

1. Treatment for a vasectomy is free on the NHS.

2. You get a free cup of tea after a vasectomy.

3. You have to visit the dentist and have it all done again in six months.

4. When the dentist says 'this might hurt', it really hurts.

5. Your jaw doesn't ache after a vasectomy.

6. Your wife is impressed after you visit the doctor, and a little annoyed when you need to have more treatment at the dentist.

7. At the dentist, you get bored of looking at his/her face. At the doctor, you can pretend you are doing something else entirely.

8. Your daughter doesn't ask to 'see the work' after a visit to the doctor.

9. You have no previous experiences to make you scared at the doctor.

10. There really is nothing more disgusting than having that little vacuum cleaner in your mouth. Nothing.

[By the way, I know it is nothing compared to childbirth. Just in case you were wondering]

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