Friday, August 22, 2008

weird mentality

It seems we often want to read books, go to talks, write blogs etc about doing things - as opposed to actually doing anything (and sometimes are very aggressive about not actually doing anything except attending or reading or blogging or whatever). How did we get into this mentality?


Blogger Karin said...

Is this new or a perennial 'mentality'? Reading and listening to people as well as talking about new ideas are important ways to change our thinking and work out what we should be doing.

However, I agree, if we don't get beyond the stage of receiving new ideas and discussing them this can seem a pointless exercise.

It's possible some people just enjoy new ideas and debate. However, sometimes it is unclear what to do for the best and sometimes people may lack the courage or the confidence to act. The stress of parenting, worrying how to pay the mortgage, feed the kids, or simply holding down a demanding job etc can also hold people back from doing things.

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